Alis Exists


In a shelter for teenage girls in Bogota, a group of young women are invited to close their eyes and imagine the life story of a fictional classmate named ALIS. The exercise begins as an innocent game, ALIS is a blank canvas on which they can project their own experiences.

As the fiction takes shape, grows and blends with reality, it opens up the possibility for them to step outside of themselves and see their own experiences through a different perspective.

Creating this fictional companion confronts them with the cycle of violence in which they have been immersed, and gives them a unique opportunity of dreaming with a brighter future.

A deep and powerful story full of laughter, love and music that happens in the least expected place.


In partnership with Tiempo de Juego, a nonprofit organization based in Colombia, we are developing a program to provide support, psychosocial care, and productive opportunities to young people who have been institutionalized (both in protection services and juvenile justice centers).

Please join us, together we can create new opportunities and support for these teenagers coming out of the state institutions.

If you think you can help in anyway, or want to receive further information on how to get involved, please leave your contact details and message and we will get back to you.


    Colombian film production company committed to creating films that challenge the way we understand life and reality. Specializing in author-driven documentaries, it combines the experience of Clare Weiskopf and Nicolas van Hemelryck, who have worked for more than 15 years in the design, development and production of audiovisuals. Their films have been selected in festivals such as Berlinale (Cristal Bear), IDFA, Dok Leipzig, DocNYC, Sheffield, and La Habana. Their work has been supported by Sundance, Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Catapult, Chicken & Egg, Ibermedia, the IDFA Bertha Fund, the Colombian Film Fund-Proimagenes, and Tribeca.

    In Tiempo de Juego, we use playful learning as a tool for community transformation, to promote skills in girls, boys and young people, inspiring them to be agents of change.


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